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Rotocat's Disney As Seen From Space

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Disneyland Resort

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- Construction photos take in 1954 showing mostly Main Street.

- Disneyland before opening, 1955.  Photo courtesy of John Perry.

- Construction showing Main Street.

- Construction showing Fantasyland.

- Construction showing the whole park.

- Disneyland in the mid-1970s during Space Mountain construction.  Photo courtesy of John Perry.

- Mid 1980s photograph taken before Toontown, Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain.

- View of whole Disney property before Indy.

- Nice view of the whole Disneyland property.  Disneyland Hotel is at the lower left.

- A similar view as above.

  GREAT VIEW -1994 1 meter resolution from

- Photo taken in 1998 during the California Adventure construction.  Most of the property is cleared at this point.

- Taken during California Adventure Construction with Downtown Disney at the middle of the photo.

Disneyland tomorrowland.jpg (60881 bytes) - Nice shot of Tomorrowland and Main Street

DL Fantasyland.jpg (427821 bytes) - Photo of Fantasyland from unknown magazine article.

- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

- Concept art of the new Neverland pool at the Disneyland Hotel.

- Map of Neverland Pool at Disneyland Hotel.

Disney's California Adventure

- Concept Art of Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure when completed.

- Concept art of Disney's California Adventure looking south with the entrance plaza in the foreground.

- Concept art of Grizzly Peak area of the park.

- Concept art of Grizzly Peak activity area.

- Concept art of Downtown Disney with Disneyland Hotel at the bottom right.

- Area Layout of the Downtown Disney and entrance plaza areas.

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