Rotocat's Disney As Seen From Space

Westcot Resort Map

1. The Resort Hotel District
A lushly landscaped Resort Hotel District includes a newly renovated
Disneyland Hotel and three new themed hotels that celebrate
California's most famous architectural landmarks.

2. Disneyland Center
Located around a dramatic six-acre lake that recalls traditional
California waterfronts, Disneyland Center offers a variety of retail, dining
and entertainment activities for guests and area residents alike.

3. Disneyland
The Magic Kingdom will continue to delight guests with new and exciting
attractions planned as part of the Disney Decade.

4. Disneyland Plaza
As the pedestrian and transportation hub of The Disneyland Resort,
Disneyland Plaza is distinguished by extensive landscaping and
spectacular fountains.

5. Garden District Improvements
A series of landscaped walkways, promenades and streetscapes
interwoven throughout the Commercial Recreation Area will create an
enjoyable pedestrian experience for both guests and area residents.

6. Disneyland Drive
West Street between Ball Road and Katella Avenue, becomes
Disneyland Drive, a gently curving, tree-lined boulevard--the "Main
Street" of the new Resort Hotel District.

7. WESTCOT Center
A totally new theme park inspired by Walt Disney World's EPCOT
Center, WESTCOT Center provides dramatic showcases of foreign
lands and themed pavilions that explore the wonders of the human body,
the delicacy of our natural environment and the expansiveness of new
horizons where we "Dare to Dream the Future."

8. Convention Center
The Convention Center will continue to host regional and national
conventions and its visitors will benefit from the added entertainment
and dining options provided by the Disneyland Resort.

9. Internal Circulation
Complementing a network of pedestrian walkways, this sophisticated
system of moving sidewalks, elevated people movers and an expanded
monorail system will transport guests throughout the Resort.

10. Transportation and Parking Management Plan
Developed in conjunction with the City of Anaheim, this innovative plan
allows motorists to exit the freeway directly into the two new public
parking structures without traveling on city streets, thereby reducing
traffic congestion.

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